Return on attention

We believe that retailers have lost contact with the customer. The disruptive retail market has sharpened this situation. To get to a sustainable and profitable business model, Retailers have to make sure to be connected with customers and to have happy employees whose service focussed energy fuels the conversation of customers and make them happy. In this equation the value for the customer is amplified through new ways of cooperation with suppliers to minimalize the costs in the value chain.

To stand out from the competition we help to develop market strategies that are not designed to be better than the rest, but to be different and unique. We support retailers to fulfil their ambitions in the battle for attention of the customer and guarantee a renewed contact with the targeted customer group.

Blue Ocean Company consists of experienced entrepreneurs who also today prove that they see opportunities that lead organizations to new stages. We are specialized in business positioning and work at the intersection of marketing, business innovation and leadership. We make use of our extensive retail experience and research.